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Friday, April 12

4:30 pm

Participant check-in

5:00 pm

Dinner: Fajita Bar from Caliente Mexican Grill


5:50 pm

Musical intro: "Wading Indecision", live saxophone performance by Leo Major

6:00 pm

Welcome address

6:20 pm

Keynote address: Bella Noka, Narragansett Tribal Elder

7:00 pm

Reflections on COP28, Priyanka Mahat

7:10 pm

Acknowledging the Stuckness: Negotiation Skills I with Anselm Dannecker (Harvard Kennedy School)

8:05 pm

Welcome into the experimentation, Jacqueline Gallant (NYU MOTH Project)

Saturday, April 13

8:30 am

Breakfast: Bagel bar and welcome for a day of creative work toward a Treaty of All Life

9:00 am

Movement Workshop led by Kate Schapira, Camila Murillo, and Atharva Nihalani

9:45 am

Representation Workshop led by Allison Clark and Alice Plane

11:45 pm

Lunch: Build-Your-Own Falafel Wrap from Eastside Pockets

1:00 pm

Generative Listening Workshop (Negotiation Skills II) led by Brooke Suter (MIT Theory U & ClimateWise)

2:00 pm

Reverse Negotiations Workshop led by Fanny Vavrovsky and Joseph O'Brien

3:00 pm

Closing announcements and reflections

Sunday, April 14

8:30 am

Breakfast: Bagel bar

9:00 am

Conference organizers present their draft proposal for a Treaty of the Earth

10:00 am

Open forum on the Treaty of the Earth

11:00 am


12:00 pm

Celebrations: Dance show by Fusion Dance Company, linocut workshop, music, pizza

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