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Conference of All Life logo, includes nature symbols within a circle shape

April 12-14, 2024  |  Brown University

Could climate negotiations be reimagined with a better representation of "more-than-human" world actors? Could the voices of dying coral reefs be heard by geopolitical powers?

About the Summit

On April 12-14, Brown University made the imaginary leap of exploring what a new kind of multilateralism could bring about during the inaugural Conference of All Life: Climate Negotiations in a More Than Human World.

Over one hundred students, staff, faculty, alumni, community members, and climate professionals from Brown University and across the country came together for this immersive and experiential simulation of a climate negotiation summit.


By integrating a diverse array of delegation types, the conference sought to propose a reimagination of the future of climate negotiations, and ultimately, the future of our climate.

Summit Delegations

Twenty-three state, other human, and more-than-human delegations were represented at the summit, including:

Functionally extinct giant soft shelled turtle

Kaiwharawhara river

Food systems

Climate migrants

Exxon Mobil


Coral reefs


Wild seeds in Kew Gardens

Future generations

World Trade Organization


Stranded fossil assets


Artificial general intelligence

Social entrepreneurs

US military-industrial complex





Clean tech industry


European Union

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